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Sun CVs Definitely Have a Bright Future

12 July

Sun CVs Definitely Have a Bright Future

female-sunglasses-revised1_800x600-LEFTHi everybody.  We launched last Tuesday (July 2nd) after two years of preparations.  We are just getting started and are thrilled with the positive responses we’ve got on the value that CVs bring to the glasses wearing world.  The Wall Street Journal even published our press release on their website!  How cool is that.  (click here to read the article in the WSJ)

Listen, we are going to debut Sun CVs just before Christmas so we need to get busy.  There are tons of designs, colors and lenses that can make up the first generation of Sun CVs.  But we’re looking for your thoughts.  We want to know what’s important to you when it comes to sun glasses.  So we’re asking for you to tell us what you think.  What do want these things to look like and what features do you want us to include?

We have a few ideas that might make picking your Sun CVs a little more fun.  For example, because we can change the color of the frames and the TempleRests when we mold them, why not offer color schemes that match your school colors or allow you Partridge Family Bus croppedto mix and match the colors as you want?  You could make these look like the side of the Partridge family bus if you wanted… did I just date myself.  Anyway, besides the color, what’s important, polarized lenses?  The color of the lenses?  The shape of the frames?  What do you want?  Tell me.male-sunglasses-revised1_800x600

If you have a few minutes, head over to our website and leave us your thoughts or just send us an email at

Hey we’re still running our campaign on Indiegogo (visit the Campaign Page) and really need your help to raise the needed funds to get us off the ground.  Looking forward to the discussion.  Shoot us a note.


– Bob R.