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Oh, You Want to Know if They Work

19 July


Oh, You Want to Know if They Work

Andrea Clear CVs in Car 3Hi everybody.  Last week I shared a few emails with an old friend (not that she’s old).  She shared with me a few questions about CVs.  Specifically she wanted to know if they were actually comfortable and would they fall off.  I think those are great questions.

Comfort was probably the most important aspect of the design of CVs.  We spent more time prototyping the TempleRest (that’s the side piece) to make sure that we got it just right.  I wear CVs all the time and was wearing them last weekend for about three hours straight and so did Pete who edits all these great videos.  We completely forgot we were wearing them.  They are very comfortable.  The special polymer we use provides just enough spring action to gently hold them in place.  They don’t hurt the temples at all.Drawing Fig 16

The TempleRest tip, that’s the point that comes in contact with the temple, is made from a soft rubber that holds them in place so they won’t slip or fall off.  The spring action in the TempleRest are designed to fit all faces of different shapes and sizes.  Combined the length of the TempleRest and the soft tip together and these were designed to give your ears a break.

We’ve also had some great conversations with fans about carrying them with you.  Our first ideas were the retractable reel, the holster, and the microfiber bag.  Based on your comments, specifically from women, we are now looking Fashion Mag Coverhard at few more stylish options that have a more of a sense of fashion.  We’ll share some of those ideas with you shortly.  We still think that sliding the reel on your ID lanyard is a great solution for both men and women for the work day.

Please keep sending in your thoughts and comments and I’ll do my best to address them.  Well that’s it for now.  We are anxious to see our Indiegogo campaign get a little more traction.  You can help us with this by getting the word out.  CVs are Changing Eyewear.

See you next week.  Thanks.