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Don’t Sweat It, Sport CVs will be Out on the Next Lap

02 August

Don’t Sweat It, Sport CVs™ will be Out on the Next Lap

Hello Friends of CVs.  Our recent press release about helping cyclists see is just scratching the surface of what will become the next exciting debut in our CV family of revolutionary products.  suglasses and helmet 2

Some sports require you to wear a helmet and then to protect your eyes from bugs, the wind, rain, and damaging sun rays, most wear sunglasses as well.  The discomfort that’s all too common Sun Cvs blurred coming soonwith that combination is associated with those long arms that sit on your ears from traditional sunglasses and how they interfere with the helmet straps.  We now have our engineers working on Sport CVs.

Like the other CVs, Sport CVs sides rest on the temples.  These don’t even reach the helmet straps.  You will get all of the protection and none of the discomfort.  We’ve had input from folks that tieing a flythink that Sport CVs will be great for cycling, skiing, horseback riding, and even fly fishing. 

For the fly fishermen out there, how about trying to tie a new fly on your fishing pole while standing in the middle of the stream?  CVs provide the magnification you need and can easily clip these to your vest and that way you can’t accidently drop them in the water.

Our goal is to have Sport CVs out early next year and our hope is that some of the Tour de France competitors will be wearing these during next year’s race. 

Your contributions on Indiegogo will help get our business off the ground so we can make CVs for everyone.  With your contribution we get to build the business and you get a great pair of CVs.F3T  Now that’s a deal. 

Check out Facebook and Twitter, we’ve been giving away free cleaning kits, pairs of CVs, and gift cards for Kindle just for liking and sharing.  That’s pretty easy.  Well good luck.

I’ll see you next week.  Thanx.