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Calling All Fash-CV-stas

26 July

Calling All Fash-CV-stas

Let’s talk style; let’s talk fashion.  You have made it clear that how CVs look is really important.  So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Carry Case Colors

We are now offering new colors for CVs, new colors for the carrying case, new ways for you to carry the carrying case, and we’ve added an integrated lanyard and reel that comes in a whole bunch of colors that you can mix and match.  We’ve been busy.

Originally we were going to offer Reader CVs in black, brown, and clear.  We would like to add a few more colors to appeal to your sense of fashion.  So, we are asking the color questions on Facebook and Twitter.  Please follow us and tell us what you think.  We’re listening.

CV Color WheelThe carrying case is in the salon for a makeover.  We still offer it in black and have now come up with some great color options.  We have some swatches on our website that illustrates some of the great looks we’re getting ready to release.  We’ve even added a few options for a little bling.  To step up our game even further, the carrying case will also now offer a carabineer clip or a wrist strap.  Very stylish.Lanyard and Carry Case

And the last addition to the CV family of “how to look really cool while keeping your CVs close at hand” is the integrated lanyard and reel.  Again, these will come in a bunch of really cool colors that you can mix and match as you want.  We are also hoping to change out the string in the reel with one that is small, strong and clear.  Or if you prefer, you can clip the lanyard to the new and improved carrying case.  Now we’re talking.

We hope you’ll be happy with the additions and changes we’ve made.  This is all possible because of you, the customer.  You speak and we listen.  Keep shooting us your feedback, it’s invaluable.  We hope you’ll head over to Indiegogo and support our campaign so we can bring all of these great ideas to life.

See you next week.  Thanks.