Q.  Will they stay put on my face?

A. Absolutely!  TempleRest technology ensures a comfortable and stable fit.  TempleRest is manufactured out of a special memory polymer that gently rests on your temple and provides the stability to keep the CVs in place.  The benefit of the TempleRest™ design is the elimination of those long arms that sit on your ears and don’t conveniently collapse.

Q.  Will they hurt my temples?

A. No.  Under normal circumstances, CVs with TempleRest technology will gently rest on the temples and are comfortable for all day wear.

Q. How does the reel attached to my clothing?

A. The reel has a pressure clip (like one you would attach to a pocket) that will securely hold the CVs in place when not in use.  The clip will also hold the reel securely while you are wearing the CVs.  Our engineers are in the process of redesigning the reel to offer several options to secure the CVs.  More to follow on that…

Q.  Are the Sun CVs for everyone?

A. Absolutely!  Sun CVs do not have any prescription or lens magnification at all.  Sun CVs are intended to provide a new and exciting look for eyewear wore outside.  These will probably become the coolest thing out there.

Q.  Are the lenses scratch proof?

A. Yes!  The lenses are made from a hard and durable plastic (polycarbonate) and should be able to withstand normal day to day use.  Like any pair of conventional glasses, over time and if misused, the lenses can become damaged.  If the lenses are damaged, we recommend replacing them immediately.

Q. Do the lenses provide UV protection?

A. Yes!  CVs lenses are provide protection from UVA and UVB.  Although the protection is not the same as wearing sunglasses, CVI recommends wearing Sun CVs when outdoors (see how we did that).

Q.  Do CVs come in any other frame designs or offer any additional lens options?

A. Remember this is a revolution, we will need some additional time to take over the world.  We are already working on adding exciting designs and colors as well as additional options on lenses.  We hope to release CVs 2.0 during the fall of 2013 and early in 2014.  Buying the current versions of CVs will help us cover the expense of expanding the CV line of products… more to follow.

Q.  Is the founder, Bob Rochford, still on active duty?

A. Yes.  Bob is intimately involved with every aspect of business development and continues to serve the U.S. Navy as a Captain on active duty.  The CVI staff keeps him informed of all day to day operations and we wait for him to join us full time when he retires soon from the Navy.

Q.  Do CVs come with the holster?

A. No.  Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the holster as part of the Indiegogo pledge levels.  You can visit our website at www.ChagingEyewear.com to order a holster for your CVs.  Details are offered on the website.  The holster is also very cool.

Q.  What if I need reader lenses at a stronger strength than you are offering?

A. Once you have signed up for a pledge level, send us an email and we will provide you additional information.  Depending on the quantity for your particular strength, a small service charge may apply.

Q.  Are CVs for everyone?

A. CVs were designed to fit the average sized face.  The gentle spring motion from the TempleRests may help fit CVs to those with a more narrow face or those with a wider structure.  Once you receive your CVs and they do not fit, we are glad to completely refund your pledge amount.  CVs are not intended for children, although, we are planning on a line of CV products for younger folks.

Q.  Are there other options for attaching the reel to my clothing?

A. Not yet.  It is a priority for us.  Our engineers are in the process of redesigning the reel to offer additional attachment options and to improve the overall aesthetics.  We expect this to be out sometime later this year.