Changing EyewearTM

We are very pleased to début our first generation of glasses, renamed CVsTM.  The unique design of CVs helps to solve the age old question “where did I put my glasses?”

When not in use, CVs collapse to the perfect size with very little effort.  Unlike traditional glasses, CVs’ sides gently rest on the temple versus over the ear.

CVs-with-female-mannequin-only_800x600This design is TempleRestTM technology that is manufactured from a special memory polymer.  The goal of the TempleRest is to promote comfort and provide the stability to keep CVs in place.  Combine the TempleRests with a specially designed hinge in the bridge of the CVs and they fold into a practical size when not in use.

By connecting the CVs to a retractable reel, which can clip to your shirt pocket, collar, ID lanyard, or inside pocket of your jacket, the age old question and frustration becomes a thing of the past.  The reel is attached by a simple snap and can be removed as needed.  A “retract” button on the reel holds them close at hand when you are not wearing them.

If you don’t want to use the reel, we have a great custom designed holster that clips to your belt.

The initial release of CVs will include three very stylish frame styles in three colors and lenses ranging in strength from 1.0 to 2.5.

Our founder Robert Rochford, is a 28 year veteran of the United States Navy and designed CVs out of a need to resolve the frustration associated with making reading glasses more convenient.  What we are presenting to you was born out of frustration and will revolutionize not only how you wear eyewear, but how you carry them with you.

benjamin-franklinLook at the glasses that Ben Franklin wore.  Do they look familiar?  He invented bifocals over 200 years ago and yet the basic design of glasses themselves is still the same!  To solve this problem elegantly, I knew that we needed to reinvent glasses altogether.

Our company has completed the prototyping and now seeks support through crowdfunding.  When we reach our 100% funding goal, we will deliberately march from prototyping to full rate production.  The needed funds will support the high quality injection molds to produce the anticipated volume needed and manufacturing infrastructure to help us succeed right out of the gate.  We decided to start with Reader CVs, but with great excitement plan to have Sun CVs that have no prescription and are for everybody out before Christmas.


Engineering drawing 4

Most people who use reading glasses reached a point in their lives, normally around the age of 40, where their ability to read newspapers, books, or a computer screen becomes hampered as their eyes can’t focus up close anymore.  However, because reading glasses are not normally worn all of the time, there is a moment of frustration when you find yourself somewhere where your glasses are not.

CVI’s challenge was to combine the usefulness of glasses with the convenience of having them with you when you need them.  The driving force behind their design was based on the aggravation of them not being handy.  Most who wear reading glass try not to remember how many times they left the house without their glasses only to find that they can’t read the menu because the font is too small or at the supermarket struggling to read a label.  Or how about just trying to read or send a text message from their cell phone.


Ian-closeup_800x600The challenges that faced our engineers were to overcome two obstacles.  First, how do you keep CVs with you without wearing them around your neck on a chain while still keep them close at hand?  The second issue that needed to be addressed; the size of traditional glasses don’t collapse into a convenient space.  The arms that stick over your ears and the face of glasses don’t fold.  Not to mention that traditional glasses sitting on your ears hour after hour can be bothersome.

The most common solution today is folding eyeglasses.  They have numerous folding mechanisms to open and close them, tend to be flimsy, are bulky enough that it’s difficult for you to keep them with you, and still sit on your ears.

Folding the glasses was indeed part of the solution, but we needed to challenge the basic paradigm of how glasses are designed and worn today.  The result is the new glasses would need to effortlessly collapse and be “at the ready” when you didn’t need them; and they would be with you when you did need them.  We have heard so many times, “I hate to have to walk across the room, up the stairs, out to the car, or borrow someone else’s glasses from the next table over just to read something!”


The size of CVs, when closed, was key to the overall design and in particular, how the sides were designed.  But size was not the only consideration.  Stability of the CVs when worn is in large part due to the technical design and the dimensions of the TempleRest.  The gentle spring action of its memory polymer provides just enough pressure to gently hold them in place.  When you combine the stability of the TempleRest with the specially designed hinge in the bridge, the whole thing collapses with very little help.


Engineering drawing 5The final element to solve the “convenience conundrum” is the retractable reel.  The reel attaches to the side of the TempleRest by use of a simple snap, which can be removed as needed.  On the back of the reel is a pressure clamp that slides onto just about anything you’re wearing.  When the user pulls the CVs away from the reel, the nylon cord remains out until the “retract” button is pushed.  When not needed the reel holds the CVs in place.  If the wearer doesn’t want to use the reel, they can easily be stored in their custom designed holster that clips to your belt.  Additionally, our engineers are in the process of redesigning the reel to offer additional attachment options and to improve the overall aesthetics.  We expect this to be out sometime early next year.


We changed eyewear and created CVs™!  These are stylish, comfortable, and really cool eyewear.  The change from traditional over the ear glasses to CVs that rest on the temples is exciting, new, and innovative.  Based on the level of interest already and the trending towards convenience in today’s gadget savvy world, CVs are a welcomed revolutionary change to the norm.

CVI’s engineering team is excited to already be designing Sun CVsTM that should début by Christmas and Prescription CVsTM should be available early next year.  We are excited to watch where this journey of CVs take us and strive to build a quality product that is Changing EyewearSM.  You will never wonder where you left your glasses again with CVs clipped to your shirt!


Now, we have started off with Reader CVs but are really excited to also be working hard on Sun CVs and these don’t have any prescription to them and are for everybody; and not far behind that will be Prescription CVs.  To get there, we need your help.  We taking pre-orders and looking for support on, which is linked at the bottom of the page. Your assistance will help us get through all of the production level preparations including the high quality injection molds needed to produce a high quality product and the manufacturing infrastructure to succeed.  And oh by the way, CVs are protected by a number of pending patents and trademarks to help safeguard our designs.  And we proudly make CVs in the United States.TM

We absolutely love CVs and are passionate about changing the landscape for eyewear.  I hope you’ll help us on this journey.  We are already looking at the next generation of CVs and we are going to ask for your input to help guide us through this revolution of Changing Eyewear.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate.  Thanks for your help and thanks for your support.