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Tying Flies – You’ll See a Difference

13 August

 Pre-Order by Clicking Here! Hey were shouting out to the fly fisherman out there and let you know that we’ve teamed up with the Fly Fishing Film Tour – F3T.  How about trying to tie a new fly on your fly line while standing in the middle of the stream or on a flat?  We’ve […]

Don’t Sweat It, Sport CVs will be Out on the Next Lap

02 August

Don’t Sweat It, Sport CVs™ will be Out on the Next Lap Hello Friends of CVs.  Our recent press release about helping cyclists see is just scratching the surface of what will become the next exciting debut in our CV family of revolutionary products.  Some sports require you to wear a helmet and then to […]

Calling All Fash-CV-stas

26 July

Calling All Fash-CV-stas Let’s talk style; let’s talk fashion.  You have made it clear that how CVs look is really important.  So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.  We are now offering new colors for CVs, new colors for the carrying case, new ways for you to carry the carrying case, and we’ve added […]

Oh, You Want to Know if They Work

19 July

  Oh, You Want to Know if They Work Hi everybody.  Last week I shared a few emails with an old friend (not that she’s old).  She shared with me a few questions about CVs.  Specifically she wanted to know if they were actually comfortable and would they fall off.  I think those are great […]

Sun CVs Definitely Have a Bright Future

12 July

Sun CVs Definitely Have a Bright Future Hi everybody.  We launched last Tuesday (July 2nd) after two years of preparations.  We are just getting started and are thrilled with the positive responses we’ve got on the value that CVs bring to the glasses wearing world.  The Wall Street Journal even published our press release on […]

Why Being Another Face in this Crowd is a Great Thing

07 July

Why Being Another Face in this Crowd is a Great Thing We have had such a great response to the concept and the innovative nature of the product.  However, we started thinking that most of the people we have spoken with over the last year have no idea what “croudfunding” really is.  Here is an […]

Introducing CVs — Corrective Vision International is Changing Eyewear™

29 June

CHANGING EYEWEAR™ You can watch this blog post if you would prefer: (click here to watch) TAMPA, FL, JULY 02, 2013:  CVI™ débuts its first generation of glasses, renamed CVs™, today on Indiegogo.  The unique design of CVs helps to solve the age old question “where did I put my glasses?” When not in use, CVs […]

I’m Just Plain Frustrated

24 June

Where would we be if innovators had not stepped up with the zipper or Velcro?  How about liquid soap, shoe laces, TV remote (I don’t know what I would do without this one), or the ultimate symbol for that moment in time when they came up with their ideas, the light bulb.  Thomas Edison in […]